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Cantrel, led by Neil Breytenbach, the brain child behind this Songwriter, producer/vocal-collective concept. Starting as a creative outlet for the Multi – talented songwriter, keyboardist, producer from Durban South Africa, the collective subsequently became a commercial reality and The ‘Cantrel Collective’ was designed as an Alternative Hip Hop Rock Pop style of music, drawing inspiration from bands such as Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Crosses, Fort Minor, Muse, Rage Against The Machine, The Beastie Boys & Twenty one Pilots while still keeping true to a unique genre of its own.


Check Out Cantrel’s Brand New Single called: ‘Without Love’

The Song ‘Without Love’ was written by Neil Breytenbach and was inspired by The Led Zeppelin track ‘Whole Lotta Love’  Neil wanted to challenge himself by writing a Blues Rock song with raunchy lyrics such as the Led Zeppelin track. He found this process a huge learning curve from taking inspiration from such Legendary giants in the music industry.

The Song is about a high school friendship that was merely plutonic and developed into a raunchy relationship many years later in their life.


Without Love is On iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Shazaam, iHeart Radio New York, YouTube Music, YouTube, TikTok and Majority online stores.

The Music Video will also be on Youtube Music, Youtube and online stores.


Check Out other Singles: ‘Tough Life’ and ‘Panic’ on iTunes, Soundcloud or Youtube, Spotify.

Produced & Engineered in South Africa, Mixed & Mastered in Germany.

Cantrel will be releasing a full length album in 2020… It’s Going To Be Amazing…

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Available on iTunes & Majority Online Stores

  • Song: Tough LIFE
  • Song: Panic
  • Artist: Cantrel
  • Composer: Neil Breytenbach & velosity
  • Producer: Neil Breytenbach
  • Copyright: Neil Breytenbach / Cantrel music

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  1. J-P says:

    Loving your work …look cool

  2. Neil says:

    DownLoad The 2 Songs ‘Panic’ and ‘World in My hands’
    Now on iTunes…

  3. Craig Hull says:

    Sounding good bro, Listening to it in Australia.

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